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We are a data-first company. Many data companies out there are just reselling data files from other companies and then doing their best to market themselves well to get as many clients as possible.

We actually do the hard work of procuring data directly from the probate court and then optimizing it for real estate investors and agents.

Our number one priority is for our clients to win, and we do this by providing them with updated, comprehensive, and highly accurate Probate data.

*Deep breath* Here we go!

  1. We are not a reseller. We aggregate the Probate data directly from the probate court.
  2. We locate and append real estate to every single lead with a very high accuracy rate. This is -very- difficult to do well. We manually go through every single lead and do additional research to help improve comprehensiveness and prevent false positives.
  3. The data is optimized for real estate investors: very user friendly, clearly shows all the relevant information.
  4. Data is completely mail-merge ready and already skip traced. Think of it like pressing the easy button for incorporating this data into direct mail or cold calling campaigns.
  5. We are actually selling what we say we are. Filing dates are actually accurate. Many other providers will falsely label their data as more current than it is. With our data, you can easily check for yourself to make sure what we send you is current because we provide the actual case numbers, clearly defined parties, attorney info, and more.
  6. We don’t limit how much of the data we send you. Other providers often impose data caps and won’t send you everything they could. This is a massive issue for anyone looking to maximize their ROI and close more deals.
  7. Every single probate has appended real estate. We also include the personal representative’s contact information with very high accuracy. Our comprehensiveness is truly unmatched in this space. This means that because we provide a significant difference in comprehensiveness and accuracy, our clients can not only be one of the first to market, but in some cases, one of the only to market.

Distress: Many probated properties will have years of deferred maintenance and won’t qualify for conventional financing. This means that the heirs will either need to fix up the property themselves or try to sell the property as-is for cash. They may not know where to start, who to trust, or how to avoid overpaying for costly repairs.

Better margins: When a deceased person leaves behind real property, they’ve typically owned that property for many years. This lengthy ownership, along with general appreciation of real estate throughout the US, often means the property will have high equity or be completely paid off.

Urgency: The process of inheriting real property can be complex, highly emotional, and cost precious time. Will all heirs be added to the title? Will they rent it out? Who will take care of maintenance? By selling the property quickly, the whole process is simplified and provides much needed relief. That’s where you come in.

You certainly could, but if you go this route, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Raw data from the sources are often messy and need a TON of doctoring every single time you aggregate the data.
  2. Even if you are able to get the file in an optimized format, you’d still have to scrub the probates for real estate which is very difficult to do well.
  3. You will need to consistently run quality checks to make sure that the data is accurate.
  4. If your VA doesn’t work out or you ever want to scale up, then you’ll need to train a new person to do this process for you.

Real estate is located and included with every single Probate lead. We include the decedent, personal representative, property addresses, mailing addresses, case numbers, filing dates, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, and more!

Probates are typically delivered within 5-9 business days of the original filing.

If you use anything that isn’t niche data, you’re losing way more money than you’re saving.

Cheap data is the most expensive data by a long shot.

Here’s why:

  • Practically all cheap data sources are riddled with errors and have very little quality control or updates.
  • The vast majority of folks you’re contacting have no desire to sell to you.
  • You’re mailing/calling hundreds or thousands of unmotivated folks which means you’re wasting hundreds/thousands of marketing dollars for each campaign.
  • You’ll be wasting an enormous amount of time.
  • You’re not going to know the person’s pain points before you reach out, like you will with niche data.
  • Marketing to large volumes of people increases the likelihood of garnering negative reviews.
  • It’ll be vastly more difficult to properly manage your leads which can lead to many deals falling through the cracks.
    You’ll get a much higher percentage of negative responses which can hurt workplace morale.

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