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The LeadVine list is a specially curated dataset which targets property owners who have the highest likelihood to sell, and often at steep discounts. Our predictive modeling parameters were built using AI-driven software coupled with time-proven niche indicators to produce a highly effective marketing list.

Every market is different, and we treat them as such. Generally, you can expect folks on the LeadVine List to either have a pressing financial distress, be going through a major life event that would motivate them to sell quickly, or both.

It’s common for properties on the LeadVine list to include Probates, Tax Delinquents, Divorces, Code Violations, Bankruptcies, Pre-Foreclosures, Damaged or Unsafe properties, and a lot more.

Each LeadVine List includes 1 year of data for your selected market. Data includes the Owned Real Property, Mailing Address, ideal person(s) to contact, and more. We can also add contact data, including phone numbers and email addresses for an additional fee.

A market generally encompasses a metropolitan area of a specific city, county, or cluster of counties.

For example, the Miami market would include Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and surrounding cities and areas.

Generally, we expect to see several thousand highly targeted records for each market upfront.
The data is updated fresh from the time your account starts. We also include updates to remove stale properties and add new ones every 3 months.
We can add phone numbers and email addresses for an additional fee. Pricing is on a per-hit structure, meaning you only pay for the records that return data.
Each market is different. Just fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote!

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