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Our Data is tailored specifically for Real Estate Investors & Professionals.

With Leadvine’s Data you will be able to pinpoint the highest-value opportunities in your area, streamline your marketing, significantly reduce your costs and massively increase your deal flow.

  • Truly Distressed & Motivated Data.
  • Industry Leading Quality & Accuracy.
  • More Niche Filtering Capabilities.
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Includes Pre-Probate, Pre-Inherited, and Widow leads in which the property owner has recently passed.


Need accurately-appended real estate with every Probate Lead and the highest quality control standards in the industry? Look no further.


Say goodbye to underperforming divorce judgments. Get Access to the real Divorce Leads including Petitions right when they’re filed.

Tax Delinquents

It’s time to stop paying for a flat, licensed out “tax delinquent” file. Get the actual up-to-date Tax Delinquent data for your market and start finding properties that are highly delinquent with multiple years of delinquency.

Specialty Data Lists

The Leading Industry Provider of Highly Motivated Seller Leads

Highly Motivated Seller Leads
The best deals come from the best lead sources. When you invest in quality leads the chances of converting your leads into deals significantly increases. This in turn enables you to significantly reduce marketing spend by hyperfocusing on only the highest value opportunities.  
Less Competition Than Other Lead Types
Give your business a competitive advantage by discovering the property owners who have a clear underlying distress, and that are motivated to work with you.  


Monthly Obituaries Nationwide
Highly Tax Delinquent Properties
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New Distressed Court Leads each Month

Who is our data optimized for?

Home Flippers



Real Estate Agents

Get the most out of your marketing campaigns by focusing only on the homeowners who have a clear underlying distress, and that are motivated to work with you
Give your business a competitive advantage by utilizing the highest quality and most sought after motivated seller data in your market.

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