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Our team of data experts work tirelessly to provide you with truly effective data like:

Tax Delinquency

Easily identify property owners who owe a meaningful amount and have multiple years of delinquency. With a quickly approaching deadline, you’ll be able to contact these folks right when they need you the most.


When a person passes away, the family will often open probate in order to distribute the estate’s assets. These families will almost always be searching for professionals to help make this process as easy as possible, providing enormous opportunity across many verticals.


Inheriting large assets and real property often means inheriting additional liabilities as well, which inspires many heirs to seek financial or professional assistance. With our pre-inherited data, you’ll be able to build rapport and lock up sales weeks or even months before your competition even knows about the inheritance.

Contact Data

Our industry-leading skip tracing and contact data services allow you to effortlessly obtain accurate and updated phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, family relatives, and a LOT more information for your leads.

Custom Data Solutions

Whoever your ideal prospects are, we’ll likely have a data solution to meet your needs. Whether it’s focusing on certain demographics, religious affiliations, preferred language, education level, income level, gender, age, or something else, we’re happy to help!

Superior Data

The Best Performing Data

With LeadVine, you will be able to pinpoint the highest-value opportunities in your market, streamline your marketing, significantly reduce your costs, and massively increase your sales.

Data That’s Optimized For Finding Your Ideal Prospects

Hidden Opportunities

Many of the best leads happen to be the ones that are hard to get and easy to miss. Our industry-leading expertise allows us to help prevent these opportunities from falling through the

Court and Government Pressure

The most stressful life events often need to be settled in court or enforced by a government agency. We monitor their present and historical events to grasp the full scope of each situation.

Predictive Modeling

By knowing when and where to focus your marketing efforts, you will have more time to build rapport and close more sales. We analyze your market to help you find the hottest leads with less effort than ever before.


Those who are under financial distress often have a defined timeline of when they need to pay off their debts. With LeadVine, you’ll be able to get in front of these folks right when they need you the most.

Increase Your Deal Flow

Close More Deals and Increase Revenue

The best leads come from the best data sources. When you invest in quality data, the chances of converting your leads into deals significantly increases. This in turn enables you to drive more sales and significantly reduce marketing spend by hyperfocusing on only the highest value opportunities.

Maximize Your Profits

Data Designed to Maximize Your ROI

Our team of data experts reverse engineer relevant sales that are happening in your market right now. Using this knowledge to optimize our data, we can help you get higher conversion rates, better margins, and a significantly improved return on your investment–all while spending less.

Customer Reviews

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve done over 500 deals since 2017 and have tried a lot of data providers. LeadVine is one of the first companies I’ve seen that understands data on a local level. Anyone not using LeadVine should check them out. It’s done wonders for my business
Will Denis
We have used a lot of data companies and we absolutely loved LeadVine’s data. In 4 months, we’ve closed over $100k from LeadVine lists and have another $150k in the pipeline!
Jeremy Resmer

The results we’ve received from LeadVine are phenomenal… We actually got a deal from our FIRST mailing to our list we received from LeadVine! Overall, they are the absolute best list provider I’ve worked with

Greg Helbeck
We have bought data from every provider on the market and I can say that LeadVine is the best data we’ve ever worked with. We’ve seen an ROI that’s easily in excess of 20 to 1. There is no higher value data on the market
Mike Gruol
In less than 30 days, I’ve already converted two closings. The LeadVine team went above and beyond to make sure the data was what I needed.
Jason Hill

We used to have our VA’s build our list straight from the county website, but once we switched to LeadVine we quickly found out that we were missing out on over 3,000+ properties that we had never marketed to!

Omer Reiner

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