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Deceased Property Owners

The most recently filed obituaries and death notices with real estate and phone numbers included!

Our Deceased Property Owner leads are our version of Pre-Probates, Pre-Inherited, and Widow Leads. Pre-Probate gets thrown around a lot in the industry but it can mean many different things. Oftentimes, it just means a specific type of deed has been filed with the recorder’s office and it indicates a still-living property owner’s intention for the property. These people may be healthy and have no more motivation to sell than anyone else.

What we do is actually aggregate notices of death from local and regional agencies right when they’re
posted and then accurately append real estate and relative information. There’s no comparison here at

Probate Leads

Say goodbye to outdated probate affidavit deeds from the recorder’s office. Experience true accuracy & high comprehensiveness with our direct from the court Probate leads!

Many providers who offer probate leads are actually providing probate affidavit deeds filed at the recorder’s office weeks or even months after the initial opening of the estate.

With our Probate leads, we aggregate data directly from the Probate court and then search for and locate real estate with a very high accuracy rate. We hold ourselves to the most stringent quality control standards in the industry to both confirm positive matches and remove erroneous ones.

We also provide all the information you need to be confident that you’re getting accurate information, including case numbers, filing dates, Decedent and Petitioner/Executor information, Attorney information, and updated contact info including phone numbers and email addresses.

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We used to have our VA’s build our list straight from the county website, but once we switched to LeadVine we quickly found out that we were missing out on over 3,000+ properties that we had never marketed to!

Omer, Florida Investor

The results we’ve received from LeadVine are phenomenal… We actually got a deal from our FIRST mailing to our list we received from LeadVine! Overall, they are the absolute best list provider I’ve worked with

Greg Helbeck

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